2/21/18 Redid in-game ranks.  Respected has been removed and all current Respected rank people have been moved to Addict.  Elder has been updated with the same interest level (3%) of Gold Member.  Addict has been raised to 2% and Regular has been raised to 1%. 2/20/18 Player names can now have non-alphanumeric characters in them like dashes and apostrophes. ArcPhone has been added and players spawn with it now.  Call and text people on the server with it! Tear Gas has been removed as a buyable weapon from the F4 menu.  It can still be purchased in the Police Armory.  This is to prevent turtling. Undo removed from the Jetpack so that people don't mistakenly remove it from themselves.  I'll most likely be adding a command that lets people holster the jetpack or disable it. 2/19/18 Seagulls now have a larger hitbox that can be shot easier and fly slower. 2/17/18 Added hooks to prevent flashlight use/spam (ie: lighting yourself on fire) while handcuffed. ERP is no longer allowed to any degree on the server.  Keep it to DMs. The Mayor now has a ten minute grace period before being able to be assassinated. The Mayor can no longer invalidate default laws. Gangs are now defined as being able to assassinate the mayor for roleplay reasons. 2/16/18 Reduced Slap Stick force significantly and made it unable to shove vehicles. 2/15/18 Removed playermodels that didn't get used very often. Moved playermodels over to using the resource cache to download instead of the Workshop, per the announcements.  Please turn your downloads on.  You can safely unsubscribe from all playermodels. Removed a lot of Workshop downloads serverside and moved a lot of files to use legacy addons, also per the announcements. Removed the 3D Stream Radio, since it was basically useless in the face of WDJ. Added SimpleAC to detect and kick aimbotters and autoclickers. 2/14/18 Removing the Organizations addon due to exploits. Group bank accounts and sign-up fees can be comped by talking to an admin. 2/13/18 Added a few new playermodels. Updated gibbing behaviour again.  It now takes into account damage force when throwing blood around and gibs people if the damage being dealt is above the player's health + 50.  Most headshots and explosions will gib someone.  Any kind of damage can gib people as well.  Blood spurts still only occur with certain types of damage (blunt force from the crowbar, bullets, etc) 2/11/18 RMeth perfect recipe (EXCELLENT quality) is now actually possible to achieve, as before it was literally set to a value that couldn't be achieved.  It is randomized every server restart. Cocaine has been buffed $20000 per unit.  It can now range between $30000 and $40000 per reward. 2/9/18 Removed Chat image url previews due to complaints about spam. Hentai Bot in chat now only responds to /ooc posts. Chat sounds delay increased from 0.5 seconds to 5 seconds. Chatsounds can now be toggled on and off clientside with toot_enabled 1/0. All chatsounds now display in chat. 2/8/18 Recoded Gibs system because wow that code was ancient and terrible. 2/6/18 Added counter/timer to HUD while arrested to show you how much time you have left before you're released. Fixed Jetpack. Updated base rules to be more lax. 2/5/18 Added Mustard Gas and Breaching Charge to the Police Armory. Updated categories for weapons to be more accurate to what they actually are.  The weapon categories for Arms Dealer are now Melee, Handguns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Light Machine Guns. The AWP, M249, and AR2 are now available for purchase as Arms Dealer. Increase Salary for Police/SWAT and Mayor to 750 and 1000, respectively. Changed damage scaling up.  A headshot is now double damage, whereas a hit to any other part of the body is straight damage.  Limbs, etc all take the same damage as the main body. 2/4/18 AWP damage increased from 60 to 75 to facilitiate better headshots on armored targets. AWP now uses 7.62x51mm ammo, as per its real life counterpart.  Ammo in the Police Armory has been updated accordingly. Healing Grenade has been added as a buyable item for Medics and from the NPC vendor.  It heals slowly in a radius. SWAT will spawn with Mustard Gas once the server restarts.  It disorients all players in a radius and damages them slightly.  Police all spawn with Gas Masks which prevent them from being disoriented or damaged.  The Hazmat Suit that the Drug Lord gets can also protect from the effects. NotiBoards can now be toolgunned (removed, etc). 2/3/18 Fixed Wyozi DJ Radios not playing. Reduced M3 pellets per shot from 12 to 8. Bullet penetration and ricocheting have been COMPLETELY REMOVED.  This should make basing a lot less stupid. Re-wrote some of the rules a bit, especially pertaining to FailRP and NLR.  I also removed the rules regarding self-supply and requiring police to arrest first before engaging with lethal force, as incentive is already there to do so with LTL, cuffs, payment for arrests etc. Fixed an exploit where people could inventory Popcorn from the theatre. Increased damage penalty and slow penalty on death. Restricted pocketing and dropping of Police weapons. LTL is now hitscan.  The weapons have all been re-balanced to fit this change. 2/2/18 Updated FA:S to remove leaning code.  You can now shoot near/against walls. Police Armory MP5A5 has now been replaced with the MP5SD. Police Officer now spawns with a Desert Eagle instead of an M1911. Dropped SWAT slot count from 4 to 2 and added increased Police Officer slots from 8 to 10. Reduced SWAT Health from 125 to 100. Increased Police Officer salary from 100 to 200. Doubled arrest benefit payment from Time * 8 to Time * 16. Removed Ticket Book and Weapon Checker from SWAT. Increased Mayor salary from 300 to 500. Removed Slugs as an attachment from the M3 and added them to the 870. Reduced Slugs damage multiplier from 9 to 6. Removed a number of tools irrelevant to RP. Gangs now have a max count of 6 each. Medic slots reduced from 6 to 4. Fisher slots increased from 6 to 8. Lumberjack slots increased from 4 to 8. Miner slots increased from 4 to 8. Thief slots decreased from 8 to 4. Body Armor for Government Officials has had its price reduced by 90%. Police Handcuffs can no longer be broken out of. Police Handcuffs recharge timer reduced from 30 to 10 seconds. LTL weapons have now been moved to slot 0 (first slot). Scaled/Increased CSGO Knife damage from 0.35x to 0.5x. 1/29/18 Removed the ability to pocket/holster Armory weapons.  If you want guns for your inventory, you'll need to buy them from dealers. Removed Police Department Armory locker restrictions for lockpicking per the above.  You no longer need police on to raid. Removed default firearms from non-government roles; gang roles and criminal roles still spawn with knives and respective equipment. Added Bowie knife to Drug Lord. Added weapons shelves for Gun Dealers, making it easier (and prettier) to sell weapons.  Small Gun Dealer and Heavy Gun Dealer have been consolidated and are now simply the Arms Dealer. Various vehicles have been removed. If you find yourself missing a car, we will comp you for it. All vehicle prices have been raised significantly. Added tier printers to replace our current money printer system. Notiboards should be able to be physgunned and removed now. LTL P90 delay reduced from 0.09 to 0.08 and max magazine increased from 25 to 45. TOZ-34 world model updated to use Annabelle. Mac-11 now has a world model and can be dropped/holstered. Fixed specific entities not being able to be toolgunned.  1/28/18 Changed from APG back to APAnti for prop grief protection. Players can no longer physgun their own vehicles, due to multiple complaints. Weapon Lockers now re-lock themselves after 60 seconds of being opened. Bail cost is now $100 x current arrest time.  For example, at 300 seconds, it would cost $30000 to bail someone out of the pokey. Police now get a Ticket Book which lets them issue fines out. Jetpacks have had their priced slashed severely, due to them being nerfed a few days ago.  They're now at $15000. Fixed a bug where gangs couldn't use ATM hacking devices. Fixed issue with bait not sticking to Fishing rods. Patched an exploit that let people spawn ATMs 1/27/18 Moved server to new dedicated box. Removed a few playermodels that nobody was really using. Added Krystal playermodel. Removed ShouldCollide hook from Weed entities and Collision Group from Body Armor to see if it alleviates physics randomly breaking 1/26/18 (The Big fooking update) Gang Member and Gang Leader have been replaced.  There are now four "gangs" that you can join.  This should facilitate gang vs gang raiding. Mayor now spawns with body armor, an LTL Desert Eagle, and all Police utility weapons such as Cuffs, etc.  This is to make Mayor have a more active role than sitting in a room making laws. Police Chief has been removed.  Their role has been supplanted by the Mayor. Updated FA:S guns to not be so damn loud. Fixed Weed entities being bouncy. Added Flashbangs as a buyable shipment.  See your local Heavy Gun Dealer for one. The Police Armory, instead of stocking the 870, MP5K, and M24, now carries the M3 Super 90, MP5A5, and AWP. Users (ie: Players < 1 hour of playtime) can no longer pick up or pocket weapons. Body Armor has been added as a shipment for Heavy Gun Dealer and Government Officials. The Jammer has been added as a buyable entity, which jams Police Detectors. Seagull flight speed has been significantly reduced (hopefully).  This still needs testing. Gold Member now gets 3% interest on ATM "Gold" accounts (thx Vulcan). LTL weapons now have infinite reserve ammo.  They still have to be reloaded, however, they will never actually "run out" of ammo. Vapes can no longer have their voice lines spammed. RMeth Hazmat Suit now sets a variable on your player to detect whether the suit is on, instead of using your model.  You now can properly use the Hazmat Suit entity! Changed map back to rp_downtown_serealia for performance reasons.  We're probably gonna stay on this for the forseeable future, as I'll be vetting any future map changes. Slightly buffed the Slow and DamageX effects on the LTL weapons. Fixed a bug with the reload animation for the LTL weapons. 1/25/18 Increased max cocaine pots and boxes from 5 to 6.  This will be in on next map restart. Re-uploaded an uncompressed copy of Bangclaw to the fastdl to see if that alleviates map different/missing issues 1/22/18 Rules have been updated to address prop blocking, certain job titles, and basing. Enhanced Raiding has been added.  Death Penalty has been reworked.  It will slow you down less now; however, damage is reduced severely (90%). The map will be changing to rp_bangclaw, due to popular demand 1/21/18 Removed SCAP for the moment til I can change over the version we use. Disabled weapons while sitting, as it was causing issues with swapping weapons upon standing. Disabled anti-prop push to fix bug relating to props randomly freezing. Added Organizations.  Will be available on map restart.  Key to activate is F11 instead of the default of F10. Added a buyable Ambulance for Medics.  Will be available on map restart 1/17/18 Nerfed Cocaine a bit Nerfed Meth a lot Increased prices for generally everything :( 1/16/18 Due to popular demand (and against my desires, but w/e), players are now able to damage each other's raidables.  I will be adding more defensive measures to counteract this for people who base. Parkour SWEP run speed reduced to 400 from 500. Raidables can no longer be toolgunned, to prevent people from doing things such as making raidables unbreakable. Bitminers will make a lot less overall, but now take far less of an investment. Money Printer prices generally reduced/balanced. Increased price for Cummies by tenfold to decrease spam. Added Desert Eagle and P90 LTL weapons to the F4 purchase list. Fixed APAnti freezing welded props in the air. Added cuffs_consenting 1 client convar.  This lets you elect to not be freed from cuffs/leashes unless it's by your kidnapper/owner/restrainer. 1/15/18 Added Double or Nothing machines to the Casino. Added Contraband Detectors as an item that Police can purchase. Added Spike Strips as an item that Police can purchase and removed them from the vehicles. Updated PAC to the Develop branch to fix some errors. 1/14/18 Added VCMod ELS (Emergency Lights & Sounds) which will be on next server restart. Added a bunch of TDMCars which will be on next server restart. LTL (Less Than Lethal) guns have been added to the Police jobs!  (Use these to stun people into submission so as to more easily cuff them.) Police Cuffs now cuff 2x as fast and are now required again to arrest people. Users (ie players <1 hour) can no longer pick up or equip weapons. 1/13/18 Removed Weapons Lockers from purchasable items because they're really badly coded.  The ones in the PD are still available. Added Armory NPC to the PD for Police to purchase ammo at a discount, and eventually, supplies like body armor and such. Added hook to disable player suiciding, so as to prevent FailRP situations. Death Penalty now stacks time if you die while the penalty is still in effect. Jetpack power has been nerfed slightly and sound has been changed to be a lot less Loud and annoying. 1/12/18 Added VCMod.  This replaces our previous Dealer (WCD) and adds various things such as vehicle health and the ability to have passengers (!!!). IF YOU ARE MISSING A VEHICLE,  CONTACT AN ADMIN TO CHECK THE LIST TO COMPENSATE YOU. Updated the Armory's scripting to prevent Police from dropping or pocketing any guns taken from a locker.  This does not apply to thiefs and weapons taken as a thief can still be pocketed and resold. Added Bitminers.  Balancing on these might be a bit wonky for awhile, but they're there now.  Bitminers are essentially a legal alternative to Money Printers, though not nearly as strong, fast, or profitable. Added HUD indicator to let you know when you're wanted and for what reason. Edited Tool damage (Crowbar, Pistol, etc) so that double damage is reflected back to the attacker. 1/11/18 Rules have been updated (again) relating to raids.  TL;DR: Thief is back to how it was prior to yesterday and does not need to /raid.  HOWEVER, THIEF CANNOT TAKE OVER A BASE AND CANNOT MURDER WANTONLY, ONLY IN SELF DEFENSE. Updated WCD to allow physgunning and toolgunning of cars by their owners. Fixed Alcohol system to properly set the owner of entities spawned. Added hook to allow people to steal Alcohol.  Whoever has last gravgunned an alcohol object will be the one that can sell it. Fishing bait now adheres to FPP anti-spam, user cleanup, and is automatically removed after 300 seconds of being spawned. Added more Coca Plants in the forest. Added Notiboards.  These are scrolling billboards that you can edit the text of.  1/10/18 Implemented Casino Manager job and vault, which oversees the Casino on the map. Updated the rules regarding Thiefs and Raiding. Fixed a bug where Cuffs wouldn't properly gag someone. Added SCAP.  Say !scap to take a screenshot of a portion of your screen in-game (similar to ShareX) and send it to another user for easy viewing. Reduced Beer and Wine sell values by 250 each. Increased prices for various entities. Retooled the player's salaries a bit. Added the ATM Cracker to the Weapons list for Thief and Gangs. Edited the Weapons Lockers in the Police Department to require at least two Police force members on (Officer, Chief, SWAT) for them to be able to be lockpicked. 1/9/18 Moved the Casino into the Bank's previous location and will be adding a Casino Manager job shortly.  The benefit of this is more floor space for the Casino and the Casino Vault can be robbed and income stolen from the Manager. Removed the PAYDAY Robbery System because it is terribly scripted and keeps getting doors stuck open. I might readd it later when I have time to recode its nonsense. Updated Pickpocket so that you cannot pickpocket the same person more than once every 30 minutes. Heavily reduced the amount you can make from the Level 100 Fishing Mod catches.
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