gibe moni pls hi guys, as the server doesn't really cost much per month, we're not really out begging for cash. however, that being said, donating helps pay for new paid addons for the server and guarantees we'll be around for good. if you wish to give the server a hand, you can pass the owner some cash: donating to us will get you eternal thanks along with a special mention below (leave your username in the special instructions). in addition, anyone who donates more than $5 will be given gold member status on our servers as a thank you for your help. this includes a few benefits for you to make your experience a little better on the server. please bear in mind before you send anything that since these are donations, we can't refund you at all for them, so make sure you really want to.


“Glod Menber” Title Warm Fuzzy Feeling Reserved Slot Higher Interest - ATM
i liked that pic but it’s a place holder no bully pls
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